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    Re: 2 weeks of eating in Vegas and Laughlin

    DEWEY..............nice review on different buffets etc..i always found the main street station my favorite when downtown vegas...every thursday night was n.y. strip night grilled to order and always...
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    Re: AC Players- Where are you playing

    ROSE heres a friendly tip forget about atlantic city,do yourself a favor and every three months fly to vegas for 5 days. southwest can get you there roundtrip for about $300.00 the comp rate is three...
  3. Re: Harrahs Chester Casino Racetrack: Do NOT go to Harrah's Chester

    TAKE the time to read my post on harrahs cage thief...WHAT will happen is a customer service person from harrahs will send you a standard letter telling you thre sorry that your gaming trip didnt go...
  4. Re: Mountaineer Casino Racetrack Resort: i wouldnt do it...

    PLEASE dont take this the wrong way but after reading your review i have come up with only two logical reasons why the things you mentioned happened.........#1 are the players on the blackjack tables...
  5. Re: Hollywood Casino at Penn National: No casino response

    WELCOME to my world..........i have had a philly park phone betting account for 3 years now and when i attempt to place half my wagers during the day its a joke.........they are using out of date...
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    Harrahs atlantic city--cage thief

    LIVING in the phila. area atlantic city is only 75 miles away and my only outlet on late night crap shooting ventures,heres what happened to me in oct.2008.....i drove to harrahs marina and arrived...
  7. Re: Horseshoe Casino Hotel: Good blackjack and craps, bad video poker

    WOW sounds great on the craps odds 100x and 20 x in other tunica casinos....heres a true story how i killed the edgewater casino in laughlin crap oct.2001 i arrived in laughlin and checked...
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    Re: Black Gaming in Mesquite

    NO sympathy for oasis funeral.....dirty stinky-smelly-****y rooms--housekeeping staff illegal staff $8.00 an hour flunkies always harrasing customers....they have more...
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