I booked anight in September and another in November at Excalibur using MyVegas Rewards. It was really a trial. Finding any Mlife offers now that fit trip plans is very difficult. They are sold out and replenish as little as just one a day, so all of us are elbowing in to be the first to buy the reward. Then I spent and hour and a half on the phone for the first booking and actually four and a half hours and three hang ups for the second. The last was right in the middle of booking my night. Finally, I called and rather than pick the Excalibur extention I called the Aria extention (same number but 1 as the choice) In three rings I got a woman, explained my frustration, and she booked me easily on Excalibur although that was not her main focus.
Meanwhile, the Station casino bookings seem to work just great, except that the calendar of available nights does not get loaded out as far as Mlife. Just now it is only available through June. However, in each trip the rewards can book as many as 5 rooms, 3 free midweek and 2 50% weekend. At Palace Station where I intend to go the rooms offered are the Tower rooms, so the weekend is a bit pricey. They won't do the Courtyard rooms, but then from all I've read these are pretty scruffy and well below par. If you read a bad review of Palace Station, it will be from someone who bought a cheap Courtyard room.
I just read of a fellow who booked Red Rock for three free nights in June. He said he is not required to pay the resort free. That is a huge savings because that is $28 a night. I have not put it on my itinerary yet because I rarely rent a car in Vegas, but renting one just to drive to Red Rock would seem less risky to me and the free room would more than pay for the expense.