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Thread: Ellis Island steak deal altered

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    Default Ellis Island steak deal altered

    Per the LVA - There've been some changes at Ellis Island, notably in the requirement for getting the 24/7 steak dinner. The base price has been raised to $12.99, but everyone can swipe their players card to get $3 off for $9.99. Whereas you used to be able to get an additional $2 off by playing $1 in a machine, that requirement has been raised to $5 (which costs about 10 cents in expected value). Bottom line: You can still get the steak dinner for $7.99, but you have to make a $5 lay down to get it.

    For those with the play $10 get $10 free play coupons from the ACG and/or LVA, you might want to consider redeeming those on the night you plan on ordering the steak special.

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    Default Re: Ellis Island steak deal altered

    Thanks Westie. Very useful.

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