Anyone used the MyVegas points for a room at Palace Station?

I won't be doing this for a while, but I'd like to get an idea of how it works.
I plan 5 nights at Palace Station, Wed-Sun in September, something I would buy in July.

I don't need to get them all on MyVegas points; however, it looks like I might be able to do that, using the free weekday and the 50% off weekend as I'd be both under the limit of 2 for every 24 hours and under the limit of 3 per person for any one reward.

I understand it would depend on the calendar of offerings. That is my first question. Is there a site with that calendar as there are for MGM bookings? Is there a good time to look for the fewest blackout days?

Has anyone booked the cheaper Courtyard rooms using MyVegas. That would mean that I would not have to move even if I had to buy a night or two based on the calendar?
For those who have stayed in Tower or Courtyard, how much is lost by going on the cheap?

Is there a phone number where I might call and ask these questions as my planning gets closer to the time?

I actually intend to start seeding Palace Station with some dime play on video poker and some poker room play. That is easy on my bankroll and I might play enough to get some offers or move up to quarters if I get ahead. I'm also thinking long term. The rumor that the threshold for tax paperwork on royals may be reduced to $600 in the future pushes me off playing quarters.
So, I don't need folks trying to dissuade me from this choice and offering other hotels. If I decide not to seed this trip, I'll grab some rooms at Eastside Cannery. I'm really hoping that others have used MyVegas points for Palace Station rooms and know the restrictions or lack of them. Thanks.