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    Default Sam's Town easy with comps

    I don't expect to score 3 free rooms from nickel play, but I have done that for this year's trip.
    Well, actually it is dime play, since for the good royal payout, I have to bet 10 coins.
    I play just the full pay Deuces Wild VP at Sam's Town. Perhaps I play a tiny bit of quarters, but mostly nickels.

    So, I have been receiving 3 night offers on B Connected.
    Very generous.
    And added to that was their accommodation.

    I booked the last 2 nights in November and did not see any December offers yet. So I called. They extended me the extra night in December. Pretty nice.

    Every year I get a couple of nights at the Orleans. There too I play nickels, but a three line progressive. 9/7 DB with three royal progressives is not bad, especially on a Young at Heart Wednesday when I can eat multiple times for free, get in a drawing, and then see the lounge act, the Nite Kings.

    It gets harder and harder to find frugal deals in Vegas. These are two good ones.
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