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Thread: Any Advise for Casino Game Sicbo?.

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    Default Any Advise for Casino Game Sicbo?.

    HI everyone,
    I wish someone can share me how to play Sicbo in Casino and any ideas how to beat the table?.

    Thank you,

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    Sic Bo has a high casino advantage and it is not a good game to play.

    You would be better off playing Baccarat which only has a casino edge of slightly more then 1%, as long as you don't make the tie bet.

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    I remember reading in Gambling Secrets of Nick the Greek that Nicholas Andrea Dandolos was showing Einstein around a casino when the genius seemed captivated with SicBo. Nick worried that Einstein was thinking of playing and broached the topic with him. As it turned out what was amazing to Einstein was that anyone would play such a game with such terrible mathematical expectation of return.

    That being said, I've used up some match plays on the board, playing big or small which have house advantages better than roulette. And when exhausted, I've watched the game without betting. Great fun with the right crowd.
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    i just found this awesome video about an app can beat the casino, just want to ask if anyone try this before?.

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