Have hit jackpots on machines that had a multiplier. one showed 2000.00 on the pay line, however the multiplier was 5 which paid 5 X 2000
I won 10000.00 on that jackpot This has happened at other casinos. Another jackpot I hit paid 9,000.00, but the amount showing was smaller. When I was paid, I ask the payer how it worked that it paid more than stated. He showed me how the multiplier worked. The multiplier increases what the machine shows. I hit a jackpot on a machine 2 different times at a casino I frequent often. The pay showed 3000.00, 2 of the symbols were the highest on the machine the other was a lower symbol. At the right of the wheels showed the 2 high symbols with the 3rd being a lessor symbol but with the 5 as a multiplier for the 2 like symbols and the other symbol which was less pay. The casino only paid the 3,000.00. I would like to know if they are right in paying what shows or they supposed to pay what the multiplier indicates.