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    Hi all new here. I've been playing slots for 23 years now. Moved to Tampa a year ago and just need to vent about the Hard Rock here. If anyone of you play slots here, you know what I'm talking about.

    I used to live in South Florida for 11 years. I was at the casino's with my wife 3-4 times a week. Previous to that, I lived in Jersey and used to hit AC as much as I could. Now, my local is the Tampa Hard Rock. Slots here are so tight, they will not let you leave with money. Never. I can walk in 100% of the time with a grand, and be in my car driving home in 40 minutes. Me, nor my wife, have ever left with money. Slots here have to be 10% payout, or below. There are no loose slots in the entire property. Bonus rounds on 10$ bets pay lower than your bet. We had to stop going. It was beyond ridiculous! Now when I walk in, I just see a sea of dead slot machines that are ready to suck you dry.

    The place is ALWAYS packed too! Even with the 10 dollar parking fee! However, no one ever wins! Moral of the story is, don't play slots here.

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    We get a lot of complaints about the Seminole Hard Rock casino in Tampa and you can see their casino reviews here -

    Some people believe that the machines are set to pay back less than 50%, but that simply isn't true. We write about slot machines all the time and we have never seen a slot machine that was made to pay back less than 80%.

    The main problem is that there is no other competition in the Tampa area and that casino is the only place to go if you want to play slot machines. We play a lot at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida and it seems fine to us. However, there is a lot of competition in this area so Hollywood's machines are probably set to be "looser" than their machines in Tampa.

    If you want to get a better return on your gambling money, you should learn to play video poker. This will allow you to know which games are set to give you the highest returns and your money should last a lot longer. Watch our YouTube video about video poker here -

    The only other option we can give you is to stop playing if you are not happy with the returns at that casino.

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    Thanks Steve for the reply. Yes, I believe it is because there is no competition in the area. I played at the Hollywood Hard Rock many, many times. It used to be my local. I've had some of the biggest wins there of my life. 8k on quick hit fever, and 2k on money heat 30 cent bet.

    I went into that casino each time with 100 bucks. Usually, I would play for hours. I had losing visits, a lot, but always made up for it eventually. I have, lost 2k in an hour at the Tampa Hard Rock. Another time 1.6k, and a grand a bunch of times. All with less than an hour playing time. Once I pumped 1200$ into a WW2 machine there betting 5 bucks max bet and went straight to 0 with my biggest win 16 bucks. That is the norm in Tampa.

    Lastly, free play is super stingy. I get 15 bucks Elite free play twice a month, and that is with losing as much as I described in the previous paragraph. Bounce back free play is 1 dollar for every 200 put into the machine, so unless you're a millionaire, that won't rack up hardly at all, especially with the machines so tight. I haven't played in South Florida for over a year, and still get over a grand each month in free play offers.

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    I was thinking that the players club benefits would be about the same at both places, but it sounds like they are much tighter at your casino.

    Once again, probably because there is no competition, they can be tighter with the benefits they provide you. If you aren't happy with them, where else can you go?

    However, I always tell people to stop playing if you aren't happy. Save your money and then go on a trip to Vegas, Biloxi, or Tunica where the odds will be much better!

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