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Thread: Free spins Vs. Cash

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    A lot of the new konami games will offer you the option of taking free spins or a spread of cash values. If you take the cash value is that the same as hitting the spin button in that it is randomly choosing a dollar amount to pay or is it pre-determined. If it is choosing a dollar amount, do you have an equal chance of getting the lowest value and the top value?

    Also, something that I have always been curious about, when you get free games on a machine is the total win amount pre-determined or is it just like playing spins regularly where every spin is independent?


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    I do not know the answer to your first question. I will have to research it a bit.

    For the second question, the free games result is not predetermined.

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    Wondering if you were able to find the answer to my question about the "cash prize" option?

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    No, that's not the same. You choose the wager by yourself, from the given money of course.

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