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    I've been trying to find out when the gaming day begins and ends at Main Street Station casino for the purpose of calculating average daily theoretical loss. I want to focus my play there next trip and maximize my ADT. My understanding is that most casinos measure time from 4 PM - 4 PM, but I don't know if this is standard. Does anybody know this information? I'm getting no response from MSS. Thanks for all replies.

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    Since Main Street Station is a Boyd Gaming property, I would think that they all use the same times for their gaming days? If you can find out the gaming day at any of the other Boyd Gaming properties, I would assume you would have the answer for all of their properties?

    Also, sometimes, when they have a promotion where you earn prizes, or drawing tickets, they may state in the rules for those promotions exactly what hours are involved in the casino's gaming day.

    Here's an example of the rules for their Seniors Day promotions -

    It doesn't mention the hours for the gaming day in that set of rules, but they might do it for other contests.

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