I don't get it. This is American Casino Guide, the go to casino guide with great coupons, content and URL access to the ACG You Tube Channel.

Why then do other Message Boards enjoy such a large following?

Then there's the Wizard, Considered to be the Utmost Authority on Casino Gambling. I would think these two places are the place to go for Gambling and all things related for discussion.

Can you explain this to me?

Is it the colors? The Name? Google placement? (that could be a factor, as I know of one that definitely advertises for google on their site)
Google pays a very small percentage of less that XX fractions of one cent per hit depending, and then sells the captive audience advertising placement for many millions of dollars.

So help me out here gang. Any Ideas on how to make this and the Wizard's site the go to place for Gambling and related topics?