We recently received the following question:
On a three reel, one pay line slot machine there are two wires that stretch above the reels resting on top a metal lip extending from one end of the slot to the other. The lip appears to have holes on each end and in the center to secure the wires with rip ties. I have seen where the wiring was only secured at each end but not in the center. This causes the wiring to slip off the lip and hang across the reels and may also end up resting on the reel causing it to drag aginst the reels when in motion resulting in scratching the reels.
Can the pressure and drag of the wiring on the reels compromise the outcome of a bet?

Here is our answer:
Once you push the spin button on a slot machine the random number generator (RNG) chooses a combination and it tells the reels where they should stop. Therefore, any pressure, or drag, on the spinning reels would have no affect on the final outcome.