The newest Gila River casino, Lone Butte, opened to the public on November 20 just off the Loop 202 freeway near Phoenix. This casino replaces an older nearby casino of the same name and while the name is the same, it couldn't be more different in terms of size and atmosphere. Light and bright, this is a very attractive new casino for Phoenix.

850 new slot and keno/video poker games with slots from $.01 on up.

24 table games.

"High Limit" area with machines and table games.

750-seat bingo hall.

*A very pretty interior courtyard provides seating for two of the casino's restaurants and just a nice spot to take a break from the action.
*A new "smoke-eater" system that seems to work! I was there at the grand opening when the casino was packed and it wasn't smoky at all.
*The Cascades Lounge had plenty of seating and looked like a cool place for a drink and some live entertainment.
*The high-end Verona Chophouse with its adjoining wine bar looked good.
*The casino staff, even with the craziness of the opening, was really friendly and helpful.

*Lousy pay tables on video poker. 7/5 and 6/5.
*Need parking lot row/section signage. Lots of "lost" people in parking lot.
*They opted not to have self-serve soda/coffee bars which I actually like to have available.

Can't comment on winning or losing since the casino was packed and all I managed to play was a little $.25 JOB video poker. Would love to hear what others thought.