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Thread: Hollywood Casino at Penn National: No casino response

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    Default Hollywood Casino at Penn National: No casino response

    I have been to two PA casinos now, and found one to be a bigger rip off than the other rip off. One thing I have noticed is that the owner/operators of these casinos do not respond to these postings. Is it because they are unable to defend their establishments against these posted truths?

    Why have we not heard from them? If I was in charge of one of these places and I felt that my business was being wronged I would want to set the record straight. Their silence speaks volumes in regard to what is posted on this forum

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    WELCOME to my world..........i have had a philly park phone betting account for 3 years now and when i attempt to place half my wagers during the day its a joke.........they are using out of date computer server equipt...i have to call there tech support people all the time to get help....i had an account with brisbet for 10 years and never had any problems with there web betting site..phiily pk. is only spending money on more slot equipt. nothing new for there horse bettors...just so you no penn national is a donkey track and good luck getting anyone to respond to anything there ......................

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