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Thread: Harrahs Chester Casino Racetrack: Do NOT go to Harrah's Chester

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    Default Harrahs Chester Casino Racetrack: Do NOT go to Harrah's Chester

    I am urging you all to not visit this casino, based on the poor experience I had at my last visit. Without being too longwinded, here is a summary of my experience.

    1. The racing betting machines malfunctioned for both myself and another young couple. There are not customer service agents or phones around to help when these mishaps occur, so you must abandon your machine to seek out help.
    2. Later in my visit, a machine ate my ticket. When the attendant arrived, he accused me of stealing a ticket, and I was escorted to the side of the floor with a security guard. After 30 minutes, I was finally given a terse apology and a new voucher.
    3. After contacting Harrah's through their website, I have yet to receive any direct reply from anyone in the Harrah's organization. I have requested that Harrah's review their procedures and assure me of changes. Unfortunately, Harrah's does not seem committed to providing good service.

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    TAKE the time to read my post on harrahs cage thief...WHAT will happen is a customer service person from harrahs will send you a standard letter telling you thre sorry that your gaming trip didnt go well,and how most harrahs employees are problem happened in atlantic city in oct..i got the standard flunkie response i request harrahs corporate e mail and they wont give it out..THEY keep there dirt in house that way........HARRAHS owned casinos just say NO.......IM DONE WITH THEM FOREVER........STATION AND COAST OWNED CASINOS ONLY FOR ME............

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