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Thread: La Cage show at Riviera closed February 9, 2008

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    Norbert Aleman, producer of La Cage Show at the Riviera Hotel & Casino, has decided to close the show. Mr. Aleman is in negotiations with television producers for a backstage-drama type of reality show and hopes to come back to the Riviera soon and reopen the show.

    Robert Vannucci, President and COO of the Riviera Hotel & Casino, stated We sincerely regret the decision to close La Cage, but fully understand the economic pressures forcing the situation. We wish the producer and the cast well and hope in the near future that conditions will change and encourage reinvesting into the show and its reopening. In the meantime, we are in negotiation with several different show producers and hope to announce a new Riviera show very soon.

    Aleman Production's An Evening at La Cage closed Monday, February 9, 2009 after a 24 year run. It recreated its famous namesakes in New York and Los Angeles with the most accomplished and exciting female impersonators in the world. Frank Marino starred as a memorable Joan Rivers while the rest of the La Cage cast impersonated dozens of female celebrities.

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    Sad...I never got to see it. They should close Crazy Girls instead!

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