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Thread: FREE $1,000 Slot Tournament For ACG Visitors - Enter by April 30, 2009

  1. Default FREE $1,000 Slot Tournament For ACG Visitors - Enter by April 30, 2009

    We are happy to announce our second FREE Slot Tournament for ACG website visitors!

    There is $1,000 worth of prizes to be awarded, there is no requirement to deposit any money and you must finish your play in the tournament by April 30, 2009.

    You get $100 in FREE non-negotiable credits as your entry into the tournament. Then, after recording your slot tourney score, you can return to the casino and get $15 in FREE credits added to your account. These credits can be cashed out if you meet the minimum play requirements.

    Winners will be announced in the discussion forum by May 2, 2009.
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  2. Default Winners of the FREE $1,000 ACG Slot Tournament!

    Listed below are the 10 winners in the FREE $1,000 ACG Slot Tournament.

    We extend our congratulations to them and we look forward to offering more free slot tournaments in the future!

    Sharon M $400
    Tom C $150
    John F $100
    Mary F $50

    Joseph S $50
    Bradley B $50
    Michael M $50
    George F $50
    Sebastien M $50
    Marvin H $50
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