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    recently learned about the Indiana Jones and some Major/Minor machines being possibly advantageous - anyone willing to share when they believe they go positive?

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    Advantageous slot machines??? If you are referring to slot machines paying out over 100% I have never heard of that and I doubt we ever will. Casinos are not built by putting advantageous games on their floors.

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    There are some slot machines that feature a "progressive bank" that continues to build up until it is hit. Some of these machines can be advantageous to play if the bank is above a certain amount. That certain amout would change depending on that particualr machine.

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    i remember at Viejas Casino (San Diego California, Indian reservation) there are some machines that are playing for a "progressive bank" like steve said, the local sound says "winner, winner" ...but you just win small jackpots, like $40 dollars...something like that.... by the way Indiana Jones is a good machine..
    i like it...

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    Slot machines as a rule, are one of the worst choices for casino gaming. But, if you're going to play them look for a sign on top of the machine or bank of machines that displays the pay back percentage.
    BEWARE of signs that say "Up To" so and so percent. That means only one machine on that bank may pay that percentage, the rest will not.

    Learn Video Poker, an interactive game with a low house percentage.
    Research the pay tables and how they work.

    Learn basic strategy, the best possible option for what to hold and what to discard.

    A good machine, like Jacks or Better 9/6 will pay back about 99.5% with correct optimal play, whereas the best slots pay back on average no more that 95%, but many can pay back as low as 86% or worse.

    Nevada gaming law says the minimum has to be at least 75%.

    That's highway robbery!

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