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    does a slot machine have different spin wheels for different amounts of money? or it doesnt make any difference if you play 20 lines for .40cents or $1.00. the same wheel spins for all denominations; in other words if i play a penny machine and play 20 lines for a penny a piece, or 20 lines doe .40 cents is the computer wheel that spins is the same?

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    A slot machine does not change the reel results based on the amount of money you are playing.

    If, on a penny machine, you only played one line for one penny, the result of that spin would be the same even if you had played 20 lines at max coins.

    The machine does not change the reel results based on the amount of your bet, but the amount of coins you win would be different because if you bet more coins you would be eligible to hit more winning combinatins and probably be eligible for bonus rounds.

    Usually, you are better off just betting one coin on each of the paylines to be eligible for the bonuses. However, each machine is different and you should read the paytables. Some machines may require you to bet max coins in order to be eligible for the bonus payoffs, or jackpots.

    But the answer to your question is that the result shown on the reels would be the same whether you bet one coin or max coins. Of course, this is assuming that you hit the "spin" button at the exact same time on both spins.

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    Some of the newer machines have something to the effect of "increased bet per line increases the odds of winning" Is that true or am I just dreaming that up?
    This refers to coins per line and not just an increase in the number of lines.

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    thatīs a good questionAlansc7, i feel that some newer machines just pay more if you increase lines o bet per line...i donīt know...sometimes i feel that.

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