The Rainbow Club Casino is in downtown Henderson, NV right next door to the Eldorado and a block from the Emerald Isle Casino. I hadn't seen it listed and almost didn't go in. Don't let the unassuming exterior dissuade you from visiting this gem. Inside you'll find subdued lighting with a cool neon border around the inside perimeter wall, mirrored ceiling and walls and an upscale ambiance. Huge video monitors over the slots show beautiful travel scenery from around the world ( instead of ads!) Although I was just playing some nickel slots, the casino manager came by to give me a jackpot drawing coupon and made me feel welcome.

Early on a weekday there were mostly locals eating in the cafe. I always figure that if the locals are coming in to eat when they aren't gaming, then that's a clear hint to try the food! I played for a while on a nickel VP machine and decided to try the restaurant for breakfast. Five stars. It is long and narrow like a 50's diner with neon walls accented by curving neon accents running the length of the room. There are rows of booths with comfortable velour seats and chrome accented Formica tables. The counter faces the grill where the chefs cook up a storm in a good natured frenzy. The attentive and friendly waitstaff complimented a surprisingly broad menu and reasonable prices (or dirt cheap compared to the strip.)

And oh by the way... I won some money on Spin Poker!