. . . for the prompt delivery of 8 ACG books to The Orleans !

I am back from Las Vegas where I spent three weeks of vacation with five friends of mine. Because most of them were first timers to Las Vegas, I thought why not driving from casino to casino, sign up to the player clubs, have a drink or two, play the matchplays and the free slot plays offered by the house. It worked out quit well and we all enjoyed the journey very much.

However, the swings of the individual results were astonishing big. One book stays for an average of about $100 EV+ win if playing Blackjack with basic strategy (not counting free Slot plays nor free Poker chips).

We realized: +10, +20, +75, +90 and +145 bucks win.

This reflects the under average luck we encountered. Although playing more than 100 matchplays we were nevertheless not in the hole. That is only thanks to the extraordinary high expectation for playing matchplays. These are for sure the best bets in Las Vegas.

From Switzerland, mpower.