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Thread: Craps Place Bets vs Pass Line Bets

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    Cool Craps Place Bets vs Pass Line Bets

    The Place Bet

    An alternative to pass line and come bets is the place bet. You can place bet any or all of the numbers, but the best bets are the 6 and 8. A place bet on the 6 or 8 carries a house advantage of only 1.52 %. Not quite as good as the pass line or come bet, but you have more control over wager in that this bet can be made at any time during the game, and you can take it down or change it any time you want to.

    The down side is you donít get to take free odds, so every place bet carries a specific house advantage that does not change.

    You may however combine place bets with your pass line and come bets if you choose.

    Place bets are done in multiples of $5 or $6 depending on the numbers you bet.

    To make the place bet you just put your chips down on the table between rolls and tell the dealer what you would like to do. Heíll position your chips in such a way that heíll know itís your bet, and heíll know how to pay you when you win. So, you donít need to worry about that. Donít be shy about place betting. Many players make multiple place bets, move, change, or remove them several times during the course of a roll. Itís the norm, and itís quite acceptable to do this.

    On a 6 or 8, you must bet $6 or multiples of $6. The place bet o payback is 7 to 6, so you would win $7 dollars for every $6 dollars you place on a 6 or 8, when it hits before the 7. The house edge is 1.52%

    On the 5 or 9, a multiple of $5 must be wagered, as the payback here are 7 to 5, so for every $5 we wager the payback for us is $7 The house edge here is 4%. Not so good, but still better than a proposition bet.

    On the 4 or 10, a multiple of $5 must also be bet. The payback is 9 to 5, so for every $5 we wager, we get $9 if it hits before the 7. The house edge on this bet is 6.67%. Ouch!

    So the best place bet by far is the 6 or 8, which has a house edge of 1.52%, which is pretty close to a straight pass line bet (1.44%).

    Since both the 6 and 8 carry the lowest house edge, most players elect to make a place bet on both the 6 and 8 at the same time. Set your chips down on the table and say ĒPlace the 6 and 8 for $6 eachĒ, or place the 6 and 8 for $12 dollars. You can place for$6 each, $12 each, $18 each, $24 each and so on, as long as itís a multiple of $6, on the 6 and 8. Youíre paid $7 for every $6 multiple you bet.

    Hereís the catch. There are six ways to make a seven, and five ways to make the 6 or 8. Since the 7 shows statistically one out of six rolls, The theory is the more rolls that are made the closer you are to hitting the 7, so after three or four rolls, (some players take these bets down after only two rolls) you might want to take down your place bets.

    If youíre hot then you can place additional numbers. Sure the house edge is higher, but if youíve got a rail full of chips and youíre on a winning streak, you can take maximum advantage!

    As you can see this bet is more about feeling than logic. But, sometimes you get on a roll and you want to get as many numbers up as fast as you can to take advantage of that trend. When the table starts to get cold, youíll feel it, but by this time youíve won some money. Best to pocket at least half of your winnings and play out the excess, but if you lose three times in a row run!

    So why play Craps? Itís exciting, itís fast, and itís the most fun you can have in Las Vegas (at least by yourself that is!).

    So give it a try! Youíll be glad you did!


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    Default Re: Craps Place Bets vs Pass Line Bets

    thanks for this instruction! craps was always a big riddle to me. i didn't even know what bets are possible and how many i can make at the same time. But i guess im ready to go now.
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    Thumbs up Re: Craps Place Bets vs Pass Line Bets

    I'm typically a big fan of establishing a point, and placing "22 inside" for 3-4 rolls. It usually yields a decent return while waiting to hit the point.

    Playing the 22 inside method allows low risk action on multiple numbers, ultimately producing slower but steadier winnings. Many craps players like this method because there are more numbers that will pay on any given roll and controlled shooters can enjoy a (relatively) low house edge.

    I've put a full analysis of the method on my main website for free. actually all of my craps betting tips are free!

    I hope you find some good shooters who hit a lot of numbers, even if they don't hit a lot of points and make some bank!

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