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Thread: "winning" is sometimes equated to comps...

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    Default "winning" is sometimes equated to comps...

    I play craps, professionally, and I tip very well (see my website if you don't know the best ways to tip while playing craps) and typically get rated fairly well.

    However, when I play craps I play to win (see also 'winning' by charlie sheen?) and that typically does not involve me gambling. I feel that being able to shoot well while playing craps requires consistency, which isn't possible with alcohol or fatigue. Anyway, sometimes when I want to sit back and drink for free, I look for ways to possibly make money, but definitely rack up comp points/dollars.

    Recently I've been spending a lot of time on the electronic roulette games, trying some moderate strategies and highly hedged bets. Hell, one night I sat for 4 hours with $10 on black and $10 on red, hitting the button over and over until i noticed 3 of one color hit in a row, then i could double my bet on the other color.

    I racked up a TON of points, and actually made a few dollars. Not to mention I sat drinking for free over the entire time frame.

    Does anyone else employ any of these methods just for the sake of racking up comp points with limited risk? Not necessarily on the electronic roulette, but any other games?

    1) I know that it is statistically impossible to beat the house on these games and am not suggesting any sort of system to beat the house
    2) My "luck" was partially due to the fact that I was playing on a french/euro style roulette machine with only one zero.

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    Even though you played for hours by betting red and black, the casino advantage on your game was still 5.26%

    You got lucky because no 0 or 00 came up.

    Yes, you earned some comps, but the casino's advantage wasn't reduced because you bet red and black.

    Since you like craps, couldn't you have done the same thing on the craps table by betting pass and don't pass? The casino advantage then would have only been a little more than 1%.

    It might have been a little weird to the pit crew if you made a pass and don't bet pass at the same time, but you could have accomplished the same thing with a partner. You bet pass and he bets don't pass.

    Don't you think that would have been a better bet? or, do you think the comps would have been less?

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    Default Re: "winning" is sometimes equated to comps...

    The comps are so arbitrary/subjective when a live person/persons rates you.
    When I play craps, I'm in a better situation overall, because I win more than I lose bc of dice control. However, When i want to drink, I basically plan to lose in exchange for booze, and I dont play craps when i'm drinking.

    again, the edge is somewhat better on these machines, as there is only a 0, no double 00, but there is still a bigger house edge than just making pass line bets at the craps table with full odds. no need to play opposite on the craps table.

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