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Thread: Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem: The worst experience ever!!!!!!!!

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    Default Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem: The worst experience ever!!!!!!!!

    Well, I was at this casino over this past weekend. Let me say, I never saw slot machines so incredibly tight and in such deplorable condition with busted keys and reels, making it impossible to maneuver. I ended up losing well over 500.00. Tried at least 2 dozen machines on the casino floor. Spent several hours there with nothing to show for it. Also, the cleaning people were incredibly rude and pushed me out of the way without saying excuse me , disrupting my level of play. In addition, Sands does nothing to enforce their smoking policy. People smoke wherever they want and dump their ashes on the floor if there are no ash trays available. The majority of patrons that are there are incredibly rude and disgusting. My biggest complaint though are the extremely tight machines. I am definitely considering not ever returning to this hell hole, since I drove all the way from Philly. Not worth the gas used, by all means.

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    Default Re: Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem: The worst experience ever!!!!!!!!

    I too have heard nothing good out of the sands.

    I think they offer double odds on their craps, or maybe just 3x4x5x.

    I havent been there myself, but I get reports from craps players all the time!

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