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Thread: Harrahs Reno: $4.50 = $1200

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    March 23, 2011 on my last night of four in Reno, I stopped by Harrah's for some slot play. Was there less than 1 hr. Placed a $10 bill in a rather new, penny slot machine. Lost about $4.50 and hit a $1200 pay off. If I had only bet the max the pay out would have been over 33k. My trip to Reno was paid for with the push of a button.Thank you Harrah's!

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    Nice story. Yes, too bad you did not play max

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    Agreed. One of the more important things in learning the house edges/advantages is recognizing a progressive system that requires max payout for the jackpot, versus a machine where the max payout on 1 coin is the same as on five coins, except just multiplied by 5.

    Also, even though harder to do with slot machines, if you play electronic roulette machines, read up on what the payouts on single and splits are. I wrote an article about how one casino near me pays 36:1 on a single number hit, and 20 miles down the road a different casino pays only 32:1.

    I'm not 100% how to use this site, but i put the link to my article in the 'trackback' area. if that doesnt work, respond and i'll re-post.


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