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    My best win happened in Atlantic City about four years ago. I used to go there evey year in September to update a story for the American Casino Guide on the best places to play video poker.

    I would visit every casino and check out the best VP games that they offered.

    On that trip I went with another gambling buddy (different from the one in my other two posts).

    He and I went 50/50 partners on video poker. I always like to go partners with a friend when gambling for several reasons:

    1- You are both rooting for each other. If your friend won and you lost, you would be happy for you friend, but you also might be wishing that you could have won too. This way, you are both in the same boat.

    2- You don't have to be playing all the time. You can sit back and watch your friend play and have just as much fun knowing that you will share in the outcome.

    3 - Your bankroll will last longer. With many gambling games you need to have enough money to outlast the losing periods until you get lucky and hit a few big wins. A bigger bankroll helps you to accomplish this.

    The only bad thing about going partners is that you really have to trust the person that is your partner. If you can't trust them then it will never work!

    Anyway, we were playing at the Showboat and I had to go check out some VP machines in other parts of the casino. I left my friend there playing and went off to do my work.

    About 10 minutes later he called my cell phone to tell me that he hit a royal flush on a $1 machine and we had just won $4,000.

    I thought he was joking, but sure enough, when I got back he really did win it. And the really interesting thing is that he was dealt the royal. The odds of that happening are almost 650,000 to one.

    Since he had to sign for the ticket I gave him 30% of my share to help pay the taxes.

    That was the single largest amount I ever won in a casino on one visit.

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    Steve, we all love stories about winners. May your luck only get better

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    Good story - great win! We don't see or know of many people that can even think about pooling money and/or gambling together. My wife and I actually play on one machine, together. . .she deals and draws and I hold the cards. Like you said, it's entertainment, like going to the movies and sharing it with someone. . .but VP gives the opportunity to possibly walk away with the money you started with (unlike the movies!) It really does make the wins more fun and the losses easier to deal with (no pun intended).

    By the way, do you find you have as much fun on a single hand machine as a multi-hand? The only time we have ever been dealt a "Roy," was at Spotlight 29 Casino (it was Trump 29 at the time and it's located in Southern California), and we max betting 9 lines Spin Poker for a nickel. Every once in a while......

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    Nine royals at once? Very nice!

    The best story I have heard about a big win like that on a multi-line VP machine was with Jean Scott's husband Brad.

    He was playing quarter 100-play at the Palms when he was dealt a royal flush.

    That win was worth $100,000.

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    Back in July of 2008, I hit a royal for $1000 and also finished 3rd in a July Cash Explosion, for $1000 what was neat was on the 22nd I hit the 3 diamonds for the 10,000 points that insured me of placing high in the tournament. The 22nd is my birthday!

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