One guy I used to know, he made profits on VP 14 of 16 VISITS of 2 weeks duration to vegas. I find that hard to believe since jean scott and bob dancer LOSE 2 of 3 times . Losng 2 of 3 was just posted a week ago by scott.

Has anyone had any good luck playing VP??

In 4 months, I'm OUT 2 grand playing 8/5 DDB--all we can play at MGM Detroit on quarters. I'm lucky if I come out ahead 20% of the time. Dancer/scott win 33% of the time. I'd be interested in hearing others' experinces.

Through the last 30 years I've played VP that is not considered full pay in states of MI, MS, NJ, IN, MO, Canada, & some others, but LOW PAY TABLES will not keepme away. If I'm at a destination, I'll play what they got and not just save money to make lv trips.
The airfare to Vegas alone leaves us with $600 extra to play with.

In closing, anyone have good luck playing VP anywhere ??