I have over $66,000 in slot play only at this casino since January 1, 2011 and my payout percentage is 88%. I play the higher end slot games, $1 machines and above. The payouts are horrible. The State requires that the machines be set at a minimum payout percentage of 85%. Given my numbers, most, if not all of the slot machines at Rivers Casino are set at the State Minimum, if even that. When you ask for explanations from managers, they point fingers at the state gaming people. When you talk to the gaming people, they point fingers at the state assembly. It's a scam cycle, and people who patronize this pathetic excuse of a casino are doing nothing but throwing good money away. Your money would be better spent hopping on a Southwest flight to Vegas for the day, and enjoying a much friendlier staff in the Vegas casinos. While there are a few decent Rivers employees, most of them are useless, rude and do absolutely nothing to resolve your questions, or help you out. For those who are interested in a class action lawsuit against Rivers Casino, please contact me. This casino is a scam in every sense of the word. They need to hire staff that are courteous, they need to give the site a good scrub, as it is filthy, and above all - the machines need to BE LOOSENED UP!!!!! This by far is the WORST casino in the industry, and a good lawsuit against the casino and the state would be a great start to start changes.

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