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Thread: How Lucky Was It?

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    Default How Lucky Was It?

    This week's column by Bob Dancer

    Anthony Curtis' Las Vegas Advisor

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    That goof dancer played $2500 per day for a month.

    A regular person has nowhere near that budget.

    Reminds me of an adage----the rich get richer......

    By the way, "his wife" won the car, just like "she" won
    600 grand years back when dancer wrote about how "he"
    won a million.

    Must be nice to play $125.00 per hand on vp

    write a book, teach classes, con goofs to buy the books &
    you too can be a millionaire. (sic).

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    Keep in mind that when you bet that kind of money you will have plenty of bad days where you lose thousands and thousands of dollars.

    Almost all of the columns you read are about the winning sessions. You hardly ever hear of the losing sessions because that wouldn't make for very interesting reading.

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    Default Re: How Lucky Was It?

    $2,500 per day is not that much for even a 25 cent video poker player to run through a machine in a single session At a relatively slow 600 hands ($750) per hour, it represents slightly more than 3 hours of play.

    The key point he is attempting to illustrate is he puts himself (and Shirley) in situations that will eventually lead to a win. In this case, by playing on both cards every single day during the promotion. Whether or not one of their names is selected to win a car during this promotion is totally irrelevant to the point his "trying" to make.
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