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Thread: Venetian not taking coupon

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    Default Venetian not taking coupon

    My friend tried to use the $25 freeplay coupon, they said that they don't do that any more and gave him a t shirt instead.

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    I have sent an email to our contact at the Venetian/Palazzo to ask about the situation.

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    Evidently, the Venetian has been having problems with coupon abuse.

    There are some people who will bring in several "street" people to sign-up for the offer and then they take the free slot play for themselves.

    The slot desk will still honor the coupon as long as they believe that the person signing up for the offer is legitimate. Otherwise, the offer will be refused.

    At the present time they are offering a free t-shirt to all new enrolees of the slot club. So, if the coupon is refused, you will still get a free t-shirt.
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    As of 7/24/11 this offer is only valid for people with non-Nevada ID's.

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    Default Re: Venetian not taking coupon

    Steve - thanks for the update. There had been some misinformation.

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    They are not taking the coupon! I had some friends from california in town last wknd and we went to see jersey boys (spent almost 1k in tickets) and i had advised them to buy the acg and mentioned to them the venetian coupon. When they went to the players club they were advised they were no longer accepting the coupon but they could have a 2x tshirt instead! This is a horrible business decision! They are getting ripped on other boards for driving away their good players and now they alienate possible new players who come from out of state by not honoring their coupons. When i went up to the players club after the show, was told that "management decided to end their relationship with the company who printed the coupons, but they did not know exactly when". Please find out once and for all what their revised policy is. If they are excluding nevada residents, so be it, or if they don't want to have the coupon in next years edition, ok. This makes acg look bad, and before i write a very nasty letter to the venetian/palazzo, i would like clarification on what their actual policy is (and please ask them to clearly communicate that to their players club mgmt and staff). Please resolve this and let us know the final answer. Thank you in advance.

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    I have spoken with our contact at the Venetian. As stated previously, the problem is that the coupon is being abused.

    Evidently, some people have bought numerous books and then they try to run a scam. They do this by bringing in groups of "street" people to sign up for a new card. Once that person gets the free play from using the coupon, they turn it over to the person running the scam. The Ventian has documented this happening.

    Fortunately, for us, rather than no longer taking the coupon, the Venetian has tried to continue to accept the coupon, but on a selective basis. Additionally, effective this week, the coupon is now no longer valid for Nevada residents.

    My contact has said that she will send a reminder to all of her staff at the Players Club desk to make sure that they are aware of their policy regarding this coupon.

    Casinos are always free to change the terms of their offers and I certainly can't blame the Venetiian for instituting this policy.

    I am sorry if anyone is having a problem with the coupon, but you can thank the scammers for this situation.

    Neeedless to say, that coupon will not be in next year's book.

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    Default Re: Venetian not taking coupon

    Thanks Steve for the clarification. Too bad the few bad apples are hurting the many. I haven't used my Venetian coupon so I am glad to hear it will most likely be honored on my next trip.

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    I agree that is too bad. My friends were from California and Oregon (they were here for a 21st birthday party for one of my fraternity brothers from college) with proper identification as such. They were not street people but well groomed college kids an elderly aunt and uncle and two 50 year old college graduates. If this is what the Venetian views as "street people" or undesirables, then they are sadly misguided. Jersey Boys is a great show, but I will not recommend the Venetian/Palazzo to anyone based upon the way my friends were treated. I still do not believe their new policy statement was communicated to the staff properly, and as a vegas resident for over 30 years, I think it is foolish of them to alienate visitors from out of state. As stated previously, I have no issue with the elimination of the Nevada residents, hopefully that will solve their problem. But as of last Friday night, they were not accepting the coupon at all. My daughter (california resident who used the coupon a couple of years ago) is visiting this weekend with some friends. I will buy a book at GBC and see if they are allowed to use it. We will see. Very bad business decision by Venetian to change horses in the middle of the stream, and is indicative of how they continue to shoot themselves in the foot. Casino has less foot traffic and they have destroyed relationships with many customers, which now includes yours truly. Will update you on what happens. Thanks for the response.

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    Default Re: Venetian not taking coupon

    By the way, I didn't mean have my daughter use it, I know it is only a one time coupon. If one of her friends does not have a card, I will give it to them and have them sign up. I don't view the loss of the venetian as a significant one for you, as last summer they were trying to eliminate you anyway, by handing out a $25 coupon at the door for all new signups. I used to play poker frequently (cashed out all my comps after the Friday fisaco) and was surprised to see them doing that. Just hate it when a business agrees to something and then doesn't follow through. You seem to blame the people you call "abusers", that is wrong. Write the coupon properly and you won't have a problem in the first place. Don't give those scumbags an opportunity to take advantage. I dislike them as much as you, but I don't blame them.

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