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Thread: FREE Alamo Car Rental Coupons

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    CaptBear Guest

    Default FREE Alamo Car Rental Coupons

    Attn: Steve B. We rented Alamo 12-11 to 12-18 in Las Vegas. I'm 72 & on a crutch-bad knee. The only car left for me was a 2 door Monte Carlo. Low, cute & difficult to get in/out. I hated it. Their staff could care less-too busy I assume. I called Alamo after trip completed-Customer Service. She in on 1-800, ask for 'medical assistance' and they will assist you for a car. They can reserve/hold any car there for you. Sorry, no notice given on-line. Yes, they will honor coupons as any other sale. Also join their 'User Club', that # gets a free upgrade...assuming there is cars. Good coupons. Capt Bear

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    Warren Peece Guest

    Default Re: car rental deals for september

    Anyone know of any car rental deals for September?

    Have you checked any companies? What city ? How many days ?

    Priceline for $14/day ? Alamo PREPAID ?

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    mike Guest

    Default Re: tipping car rental (vegas)

    I haven't tried that, but some of the smaller upgrades...ex: from subcompact to compact can often be less than 20.00 per week, anyway.

    Also, book your car reservation online at a non airport based place with a free shuttle, like's much cheaper that way.

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    Denny Guest

    Default Re: tipping car rental (vegas)


    Please advise what non-airport location in Vegas is cheaper with Alamo than McCarren Airport. And also has a free shuttle.

    I don't know of such a place. Most non-airport locations are alot more regardless of the rental company used. And there are very few casinos that provide a free shuttle anymore.

    Alamo often does have the best rate if you use the coupons from the ACG.

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    mike Guest

    Default Re: tipping car rental (vegas)

    In the past 8 or so years I've only rented from the Alamo/National car rental place. It's on Bermuda Rd., which is about 1 mile down Sunset, on the right, heading from the strip. The free shuttle is a bus that transports people from the airport to the rental place and then back to the airport when you return the car. You'll save a significant percentage booking online also.

    I've gotten online quotes in the past from the rental places with outlets at the airport(typically Hertz and Avis) and they were always more expensive than Alamo. After awhile I didn't even bother checking with those places anymore, and just stuck with Alamo.

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    Buddha Guest

    Default Re: tipping car rental (vegas)

    Mike ... The Alamo/National rental location that you described was the 'previous' airport site (we've rented there before). It is not an 'off-site' location, and its operation has since been tranferred to the NEW multi-rental facility ... like all the other rental companies.

    I would guess that you have not been out to Vegas recently for the new changes .....

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    Denny Guest

    Default Re: tipping car rental (vegas)


    That facility WAS the Alamo airport location. There were no rental car lots located right at the airport. You needed to take a shuttle to get to any of them. You still do, only now there is a central location for all rental car agencies.

    It is called the McCarren Rent-A-Car Center. They all use the same shuttles so just hop on the first one you see and it will get you there. It is on Gilespie St., not that far from where Alamo previously was on Bermuda.

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    mike Guest

    Default Re: tipping car rental (vegas)

    Ooooops, yeah I guess it's been awhile since I rented at Alamo, come to think of it. My fault for assuming something in Vegas would stay the same. I've driven my own car out to Vegas on my most recent trips.
    Sorry for the bad info there.

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    Patsy McCall Guest

    Default FREE Alamo Car Rental Coupons

    Hello, Please provide coupons for rental car for pickup in phoenix arizona. Thank you

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    Steve Bourie Guest

    Default Re: coupons for car rental

    You can download free rental car coupons on our web site.

    For Alamo coupons go to:

    For National coupons go to:

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