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Thread: Atlantic City Table Minimums

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    dougray2 Guest

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    I haven't visited Atlantic city in 10 years. I am considering going back, but I've heard that 5 dollar minimum tables are nearly non existent these days. My question is to anyone who has been to AC recently. Do they have any low minimum tables and if so, which casinos have them? I play craps and blackjack but prefer $5 and $10 tables.

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    Steve Bourie Guest

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    Most casinos will have a $15 minimum at blackjack.

    Wild Wild West usually has $10 games available.

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    Luigi Barsotti Guest

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    I can only speak for the casinos at Trump Plaza. There are no more $5. tables. There are however, $10. craps and blackjack. At one time, there were $5. Let it Ride but they are gone also.

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    Derik Steward Guest

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    Just wait till the smoking ban - the millions of non-smokers who will now go to the smoke-free casinos love $5 tables and since all the smokers are gone or outside smoking they will have no choice but to scrounge up some business with $5 tables.

    Atlantic City was nice while it lasted.

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