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    Carl Oppie Guest

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    I usually play the Triple Diamond Slot Machines at Hard Rock Casino at Tampa Fl. Is it best to only play one coin; two; or three coins ($1.00-$2.00; or $3.00 at a time. In the past; I have had the hard luck at winning. I usually play $3.00 at a time. Can you advise me? Thank You.

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    Nogero Guest

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    Always bet the max for max payout

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    Steve Bourie Guest

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    If you are playing Class II slots, which are bingo-based machines, it's impossible to give you any advice becasue you are playing bingo.

    If the machines are regular Class III Vegas-style slots, then I believe that those machines are called modified multipliers, or also bonus multipliers.

    Slot expert John Robison just wrote a story for the newsletter about all kinds of slot machines and when you should play maximum coin.

    Read his story on the following page:

    Be sure to read about 'Bonus Multipliers' because I believe that is the machine you are playing (if it's a class III slot).

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    candrv Guest

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    It's always best to play max coin - if you cannot play at the desired denomination, you should then move to max coin at a lower denomination - for example change from $1 coin to $.50 or $.25 wagers.

    Also watch your 'Top Line' award - it's been suggested that a one-line, three-reel, 3 coin machine with a 4000 coin 'Top Line' award will jackpot aprox. 3 times more often then the same machine with a 10,000 coin 'Top Line' award. (Provided they are Class III machines)

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    You need to check the payouts. Most non jackpot payouts will be multiplied by the number of coins played (ie, BAR BAR BAR is 10, 20 or 30). The jackpot combo will tell the tale: if the jackpot for 1 coin is 1000, for 2 coins is 2000, and 3 coins is 5000, you either bet 1 or bet 3 (no point in betting 2, there's isn't a jackpot "bonus").

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    Usually bet what your wallet will allow. Good advice if the machine is a straight multiplier. If there's a bonus for max coin (ala video poker) by all means always play max coin

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    I just finished a podcast today on this very subject with John Robison, author of "The Slot Expert's Guide To Playing Slots."

    The subject of the podcast is "Slot Machines - How They Work and How To Win."

    I am now editing the podcast and I expect to have it posted on the web site by next Tuesday.

    The podcast page is here - American Casino Guide - Podcasts

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