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Thread: Golden Monkey Slot Machine Strategy

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    mike Guest

    Default Golden Monkey Slot Machine Strategy

    This is another Bally slot machine with a banking feature and a progressive jackpot feature also. They look like green stamp machines except that the facades are mostly gold in color. Because of the progressive jackpot feature, these games are usually found in clusters of 6 or 8 golden monkey machines by themselves.

    The game features a series of 12 steps in groups of 3 and after the 3rd, 6th, and 9th steps the player will have the option to keep climbing or cash out a certain amount of credits. You'll always want to cash out the credits, except after the 12th step when you would receive 1 of the 4 progressive amounts.

    The game is a positive play when at least the 1st and 2nd steps are lit up and have an upward pointing arrow on them. The lighting of the step and the arrow occur in conjunction with one another when that particular step has been achieved.

    The player must bet at least $1.25 per spin to be eligible for the step award, however, and that occurs when the golden monkey appears anywhere on the 4th reel.

    In my experience it seemed to me that the monkey appeared about every 15 or so spins and the game didn't play nearly like the dog-crap of the green stamp machines.

    The player wins at least a portion of his bet back on about every other spin. If you're lucky enough to find one of these games with 4 steps lit up, you'll need to have the monkey appear twice to complete the 6th step but the credit award will be much higher(about double) than the award is for the 3rd step. Good luck.

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    twyman Guest

    Default Re: Golden Monkey Slot Machine

    I am heading west in September.

    Where are these new Machines so I can Judge for myself.

    Any Fort Knox Oddyssey machines still available out west.

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    Polly Ester Guest

    Default Re: Golden Monkey Slot Machine

    I am heading west in September.

    Where would 'west' be ???

    OP, Mike, never mentioned any state where these Monkey machines are located !

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    mike Guest

    Default Re: Golden Monkey Slot Machine

    I know what he means Polly....he's probably going to Nevada ultimately.
    First off Twyman....I may have been mistaken about the number of steps.....I said 12 when there may only be 10. I have never cashed out anything beyond the 6th I was a bit fuzzy about the higher steps.
    Secondly, the locations that I know of are: 6 at the Las Vegas Club in downtown Vegas, 8 at the Edgewater in Laughlin, and 6 at the River Palms in Laughlin. I've been told also that Mandalay Bay on the strip, have them. Good luck.

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    mike Guest

    Default Re: Golden Monkey Slot Machine

    Oh, btw Twyman, I don't know of any more Odyssey machines. The Golden Gate had the 2 of the last ones that I knew of, but they have since replaced their entire inventory with brand new TITO machines. The New Frontier had a few also but that casino closed in mid July.

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    twyman Guest

    Default Re: Golden Monkey Slot Machine

    I will be spending 2 nights in Laughlin on my way out to Escondido.

    I will check them out there if I do not see them before hand.

    I saw green stamps in St. Louis on my way out west last September. Maybe I will find Monkey there this year.

    I do take advantage of free rooms when I leave home. 1st night Harrahs St. Louis, 2nd night Prairie Band in Kansas. 2 nights in Black Hawk, Colorado. A night at the Oasis in Mesquite, Nev and 2 nights in Laughlin before we get to our timeshare in Escondido, Calif.

    The amazing thing is we do not have to play much and they keep sending us stuff for a year.
    So why not take advantage.

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    Skip Guest

    Default Re: Golden Monkey Slot Machine

    Last week, there were either six or eight at South Point, in the general area in front of the hotel check-in desk. There was one of those giant Wheel of Fortune rigs nearby as well.

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    twyman Guest

    Default Re: Golden Monkey Slot Machine

    Just got back fom my trip out west and ran into the golden monkey.
    Here are my thoughts. Very bad banking game.
    Why? Because you have to play max coin to get the monkey.
    I played it 13 times with 7 wins and 6 losses.
    6 times I played it with 2 steps and won 5 times cashing out at 1200.
    6 times I played it with 1 step and won 1 time.
    The last time I played it I had 3 steps and since 4 of the 5 progressives were over $40 I decided to go for the big prize. Bad call. It takes a lot of spins to get the 7 extra monkeys to go for the progressive.(especially the 4 after 2500)
    My conclusion is only play the game if it has 2 steps and always cash out at step 3.

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    twyman Guest

    Default Re: Golden Monkey Slot Machine

    Any Golden Monkey sightings on the Mississippi.

    Have they come to the midwest or Biloxi area?

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    David Guest

    Default Re: Golden Monkey Slot Machine

    OK first there are 6 at Club Cal-Neva Reno

    Second the better goal is to try to collect in $100 Dollars or less then you have a two in five chance of a good pay off plus what ever you pickup along the way

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