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Thread: Random Number Generator (RNG) vs. Video Lottery Terminal (VLT)

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    Luigi Barsotti Guest

    Default Random Number Generator (RNG) vs. Video Lottery Terminal (VLT)

    I recently returned from a vacation in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and played video poker at the Mohegan Sun Casino at Pocono Downs.

    Although this location is a racetrack similar to Monticello, NY and Yonkers, NY, these machines operate via a RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR. They are not VIDEO LOTTERRY TERMINALS like those in New York.

    I sent an email to the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut and they confirmed that the machines at Pocono Downs use RANDOM NUMBER GENERATORS. The payouts offered byt VLT'S are invariably poor.

    To prove the point, I sent an email to Yonkers Raceway and they reported their overall payback percentage for all gaming machines is 90 - 92 percent. SO STAY AWAY.

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    Polly Ester Guest

    Default Re: RNG VS VLT

    LUIGI WROTE: played video poker

    Can you tell us what the PAYTABLES & denominations played ? Thanks

    4 winds is in New Buffalo, not New Bufallo.

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    Steve Bourie Guest

    Default Re: RNG VS VLT

    Not all VLT's are bad. It depends on the jurisdiction.

    In New York, they are referred to as Video Gaming Machines (VGM's).

    Those VGM’s do not operate like regular slot machines. Instead, they are similar to scratch-off-type lottery tickets with a pre-determined number of winners.

    According to a spokesperson at the Lottery’s headquarters, “no public information is available concerning the actual payback percentages on the machines.” However, the legislation authorizing the VGM’s states, “the specifications for video lottery gaming shall be designed in such a manner as to pay prizes that average no less than ninety percent of sales.”

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    Luigi Barsotti Guest

    Default Re: RNG VS VLT

    I played mostly Jacks and Better, 8/5 Quarters. There were no 9/6 machines.

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    Dan Brown Guest

    Default Re: RNG VS VLT

    Just a bit of info i'm sure most know that on these VLT they do not pay back what is listed on the v.p game itself - as persay 9/6 or 8/5 Big question is this legal or is this false advertising-no decision on this.

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    Dan Brown Guest

    Default Re: RNG VS VLT

    Just this week on the N.Y. Lottery website they have the payout percentage on the VGM for all the Racetracks ect.For the 2 in my area Batavia and Fingerlakes is under 92%

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    Dick Grayson Guest

    Default Re: RNG VS VLT

    Haven't been to BATAVIA in years. Is the Harness track still open ??

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    Dan Brown Guest

    Default Re: RNG VS VLT

    Racing is going on at Batavia N.Y. until Dec 1st.the last day.

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