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Thread: Ultimate X Video Poker Con - Gambler Beware!

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    Default Ultimate X Video Poker Con - Gambler Beware!

    We all know there are “predators,” especially where there is money, so Las Vegas has their share. For the short time we were in LV, to witness the same scam twice, was concerning. And each happened at a different casino but they both centered around Ultimate X Video Poker.

    If you’ve ever played Ultimate X, you know it rewards the player a multiplier on any winning hand, on the next deal. But you must “max bet” the deal (10 credits per hand, instead of the usual 5 per hand). When you play off the multipliers, you don’t have to max bet to take advantage of the multiplier. (Have we confused you enough, yet?)

    Okay, so we’ve seen many people come around to check Ultimate X machines to see if anyone has left a multiplier “behind,” because if they play the machine betting 5 on the next deal, they have a decent shot at making a little extra $$$.

    Onto what we saw happen at the two casinos. . . (the weird thing was, it happened exactly the same way at both properties). . .while we were playing VP at both casinos, we happened to be playing two machines over from Ultimate X machines. Although we hardly ever get distracted from our own game, my wife noticed a guy in a baseball hat with a lady (a younger lady at one casino and an older lady at the other - - -and different guys, by the way). The guy seemed to be showing her how to play the different games with her money in the machine. However, he was playing really fast and changing the screens to different games after almost every hand. We could see that he was leaving winning “multipliers” behind as he went to a new game. Within 3 - 5 minutes, the ladies lost their money and they both got up from the machines and the ladies each walked away. The men also pretended to walk away, but then after the ladies left, they came back to play off the multipliers. When my husband confronted one of the men about what he was doing, the man told him to mind his own business, cashed out and hustled (ran) out of the casino. Even though, according to the casinos, these guys were not breaking the law, there still should be some effort to stop this kind of practice.

    Our only advice is, gambler beware.

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    Default Re: Ultimate X Video Poker Con - Gambler Beware!

    Really great story. I will share this with my Mother & and her senior friends who hit the bus to Vegas a few times a year.

    Although, it sounds like it can happen to anyone. I guess the lesson goes for any type of machine - just be aware when a stranger befriends you, especially about gambling. Thanx…

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