I gave my money to Las Vegas & to Atlantic City since 1978. I think it was stupid to build the Casino so close to the Sport Stadiums, but this is PA and gamblers should be happy to be able to gamble let alone park. I'm from Central Pa & we are notallowed to have a Casino cause the local law makers think it corrupts the locals. So for nearly 33 years, I and many others got tosupport Nevada, New Jersey & West Virginia. I have enjoyed the times at Rivers Casino and have found the Player Club to be generous, the slots paying out & the table games a little slow but fun. Pa drink policies & regulations suck!! Love the Rueben at this place! Prices are reasonable, especially when the food was free with comps. I still will take trips to Vegas & AC, but have given up the West Virginia trips....I like the River Casino better. I like a casino with a hotel attached & free drinks!! I'll visit on occasion, but save my real fun for AC or Las Vegas.

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