Conspicuously absent from the Vegas Values reports lately is the Riviera's $1000 signup promo, in which apparently they will give you 50% of your losses back in promo slot play in each of two visits, up to a total of $1000. This seems like one of the best promos I have ever heard of for non-high rollers, so I was surprised by the lack of discussion here and elsewhere. Has anyone tried this and what are your experiences? Does Vegas Values not usually cover first-timer promos or is there some other issue with it?

Here is a link to the promo web page:

Or am I totally out to lunch and it is being discussed somewhere that I somehow missed? If so can you please point me to it.

Also I understood someone on another board (flyertalk) to say that you couldn't get the promo if you play video poker, only slots. Is that accurate?

Thanks folks.