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Thread: Harrah's Cherokee, NC Slots Payback?

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    Donald Garren Guest

    Default Harrah's Cherokee, NC Slots Payback?

    Has anyone else noticed that since Harrah's Cherokee eliminated coins from slot machines that the payback has been greatly reduced? They must be under 50%. The agreement signed with the state of North Carolina requires a payback between 83% and 98%.I doubt that this is being met and I do not know of any enforcement controls.

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    mike Guest

    Default Re: Harrah's Cherokee Slots Payback

    I go there frequently but I only play the video poker. Many of the Pot O' Golds have recently gone to tickets but the pay schedules stayed the same.

    Have you actually noticed that the return for certain winning spins/hands is a lesser number than before, or are you just basing this observation on a few bad recent gambling sessions ?

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