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Thread: Best-paying slots in Las Vegas?

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    Jim Guest

    Default Best-paying slots in Las Vegas?

    We are planning a trip to Las Vegas in July, would like some good recomendations on where to play slots with a little bettter payback % other than the strip would appreciate any advice , Thanks

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    Steve Bourie Guest

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    Mike Guest

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    I can only comment on video poker because I don't play the one-armed bandits, unless it's a banking machine.

    One of the best places in Vegas for VP is the Skyline Casino on Boulder Highway.........they have dozens of full-pay machines there, some of the best being their 10-coin quarter dueces wild machines. With proper play those 10-coiners will give you a profit of 12.00/hour in the long term.

    The Hacienda in Boulder City has good VP also and it's a nice casino with a comfortable atmosphere.

    There is still plenty of full-pay VP in downtown Vegas........and the California,in particular still has plenty of both .25 and 1.00 of the old style Jacks or Better coin-droppers.

    If you end up on the strip, the quarter Aces and Eights video poker machines (4 in number) in the back left corner of Slots of Fun are good also. They are 8-5 machines with the aces and eights paying a progressive amount that resets at 100.00. The sevens pay a flat 250 coins and the sequential royal pays a progressive that resets at 10K and caps at 20K............usually it's stuck at 20K when I play them.

    Good luck.

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