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Thread: Question about Chicago Area casinos

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    Default Question about Chicago Area casinos

    Why doesn't your link to all the Chicago area casinos include Horseshoe Hammond? Even though it is Indiana, it is closer to the Loop than many of the other casinos listed. And it is only about 2 miles outside of the city proper.

    Chicago Area Casinos

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    That page needed some updating.

    We added Hammond, plus some other Indiana casinos. We also deleted some Illinois casino that should not have been listed there.

    The page should be correct now - Chicago Area Casinos

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    Good job, Steve, its gotta be a bear updating hundreds of casinos !!
    We live 300 miles from Chicago & this will help us. Of course, the non-smoking in illinois is a turn-off.
    Detroit's 3 casinos allow smoking, just not in restaurants,

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