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    Thumbs down El Cortez...things are changing

    Apparently the change of "ownership/management" of El Cortez is having an impact on attitudes toward customers.

    Last fall we stayed at the El Cortez for a week. We were not staying on any special, comp or coupon, paid full price for a tower room and had a great time. After only a couple of days, the dealers and cocktail waitresses knew us by name and would greet us with a hello and a smile. I played poker every day for about 6-8 hours, often with Jackie, as well as playing blackjack a couple of hours every day. My wife played slots daily and we were lucky enough that we always ended the day ahead. Since then, we have stopped by for an hour or two each time we are downtown and our luck has continued with never having a losing trip. Because of experiences there, we have highly recommended the El to others. But no more!!!!

    The El had/has a policy of cash your government check (Tax refund, Stimulus, Social Security. etc) and get 5% up to $50 in free slot play. We decided to take advantage of this on a recent trip.

    We went to the players club and were told to go the the cashier and after cashing the check, we would be given a receipt to verify the amount for free play. After about 15 minutes of showing ID and players cards, checking lists, filling out the back of the check, signing it and making a phone call, the cashier said "I can't cash this, you don't play here enough". I said "What? I want to see a supervisor!" She got on the phone again and then said "supervisor is on break and will be back in 20 minutes" I said "I want a supervisor now". Immediately a "suit" walked up straight to me, asked no questions and said "This isn't a bank and we don't have to cash your check, you don't play enough". Then he walked back to his roulette pit.

    My wife and I looked at each other asking "What has happened here?"

    We immediately left with our check that we had both already endorsed.

    Will we ever return or recommend El to anyone? After we get an an apology, we will think about it. And you know the chance of any apology.

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    Maybe an isolated incident or reason why they wouldn't cash it. They have
    been running that promo for years and never heard of a problem with it.


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    Default Re: El Cortez...things are changing

    Actually, the chance of an apology is probably pretty high if you write to the right folks. Whether you will get anything tangible is another story. Still you never know.

    I had Binions (under the old leadership) not honor the room price they quoted me when I arrived. The difference was $20 but I argued the principle of it. I wrote a few letters and then, all of a sudden, they just comped my complete stay. I saved. $69. I got lots of apologies but no refund. Then all of a sudden two months later, I got the refund on my credit card with no note whatsoever. You just never know.

    Sometimes El Cortez has been surly over the years, but I thought the change in ownership actually brought in nicer folks. It killed the video poker and the free room mailings, but more clerks smile at me.

    And I am always treated well at the poker tables by dealers and floor persons like Chris or Karen or Albert. You won't find more personable folks than these.

    Last visit I got tired of waiting for my VP buddy Catherine and went to supper. When she got to the tables I had cashed out and left, but all she had to do was ask for me and the floor knew I was at Careful Kitty's having some Matza Ball soup. So she found me.

    I even wrote a story about dealer Albert and honor:

    The other players can be grumpy, but that is what makes them interesting poker opponents.

    Dealing with these folks every day would make me a bit crazy if I had to deal to them. I admire the patience of the staff..

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    You may write to Messrs. Epstein or Nolan....they'll make things right as the new owners.


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    Default Re: El Cortez...things are changing

    1 post ?

    I'd seen this same complaint on other member forums. Talk about an ax to grind.

    There's always more to the picture than meets the eye.

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