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    Has anyone ever gone on a coupon run where they go from Casino to Casino and play their coupons? Typically I will go out early one morning with a set amount of money in my pocket to track my earnings / losses of my coupon run.

    On my best run I made approx. $130 dollars. About $50 of which I ended up drinking away at the Double Down Saloon.

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    Re: Coupon Runs

    Sorry to hit this thread bit late, Jupiter, but I do this in Vegas when I stay downtown.
    Here is my route: Take 108 to Hardrock for free slot play/matchplay, walk back to Terribles for breakfast and their matchplays, walk to Tuscany for the live poker buy in, walk to Ellis Island in time for a half priced menu meal and matchplay, walk to the Westin for the $25 matchplay, perhaps by now hitting the happy hour cheap gambles, take the Flamingo bus to Palms/ Rio area. 3X points VP at Palms and meet someone at the Rio 2 for 1 late buffet, then to the Orleans 2 for 1 if it is a good night for a show. Back downtown after the Orleans is the Tropicana bus to the strip and the ACE back.
    Last trip I stopped off at the Sahara and played coupons there. It was easy and fast on the ACE.
    There are other choices along that route, but it works as a good day out with very little money risked in hit and run coupon betting. Also, I play a bit at each place so the trip acts as a way to keep my points active. At Terribles I first go in the Player's line. Often I get a free buffet there or some other coupon deal for something.


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      Re: Coupon Runs

      I'm replying even later... I'm going to Vegas for 5 days at the end of the month and am planning to see how the coupons work downtown and on the Boulder Strip. This is the first time I've bought the book so I'm looking forward to using the coupons.


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        Re: Coupon Runs

        Most of what I've read about using the book on Boulder was good. The Longhorn is funny at times for folks. I like to bring the book with me there. Also if I remember right the initial 2500 points is good for food but needs time to get posted, so you might want to do that one first when you have time to come back for free food.

        If you like craps, while you are on Boulder Highway, there is the most frugal craps in Vegas at Joker's Wild. A fifty cent bet will let you put $5 free odds. It is not a coupon, but feels like a coupon to me. It is best to call first as some times the table is not rolling.


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          Re: Coupon Runs

          Thanks for the hints. It sounds like we're the same type of gamers. I don't mind losing (I've had a lot of practice) but I like to stretch my dollar. I like to figure my hours of entertainment per dollar spent. I don't play a lot of craps, but that sounds like my kind of table. I'm mapping out my days so I made a note of your advice. Thanks again.


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            Re: Coupon Runs

            I am a fairly frugal player, but I play a lot of live limit poker and less of everything else. I play off the matchplays, however. Great odds there.


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              Re: Coupon Runs

              match plays are great.

              you can cash ANY check at the craig cannery. and will usually win a 5 dollar match play or 10 dollar match play for slots. dble that for table games. max freeroll prize is 3x ur check cashed.

              the least prize you will win is a free drink. but this is rare. usually its a match play or 10 bux off their restaurants. the pizza place vinos there sells pizza by the slice.

              cannery casinos are pretty loose. due to fact they are in competition vs station casinos.

              400 pts earned is a dollar match play. which is 800 bux through.

              but some days are 5x point. call them and ask.

              also they are promoting a 25 pt earned freeroll max $75 cash or matchplay. and 750 pt earned match play or min $25 cash freeroll. also. once target goals are hit. and u get ticket from kiosk. and then turn into can can club. you get 5x point for rest of day.

              this hot freeroll. is every mon, tues, wed month of march 2011.


              so yeah. u got it right. try to get max points and match plays. cuz it definitely without any question
              adds to your wealth.



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                Re: Coupon Runs

                oh yeah. cannery is a penny slots local casinos which is very busy. tables games are usually crowed.

                but if you are really HIGH roller this mite not be your place.

                the past three days i went this week. tues, thursday and fri nite. i walked with $140. or so.

                so it can be done.


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                  Re: Coupon Runs

                  Tell me about these coupon books?
                  I'm going to vegas in may, and while I have a significant bankroll and a plan for myself, I'm going with a couple of guys who either a) dont gamble much at all or b) will be going out with less than $500 to gamble over 4 days. It could benefit them greatly to cash in on some free stuff, or cheap stuff, etc.


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                    Re: Coupon Runs

                    Okay, have each of your friends buy one of these books because the matchplays alone and freeplay options will more than pay for the books.
                    There is so much in the books that I can't write everything here, but as you look through them, you can ask specific questions here.

                    To get a list of the coupons, go to ACG upper left above this forum. Under the heading American Casino Guide, you will see a menu that includes a full list of the coupons.
                    Or see if I have managed to get the right link here:

                    For new visitors there are straight out feebies. You can go to the Palms and gamble $10 for free, for example. I have one friend who spent four hours gambling her $10 in penny slots at a nickle or so a pull and then quit with a $4 profit. I don't know how long your friends will be there on $500, and this is a radically frugal example, but a true one. She bought the book mostly for hotel deals and show deals.

                    There are fewer hotel deals now, but the El Cortez downtown is still there. If your last two days are weekdays and you want some time downtown, you can have a room for $34 total with tax and a free ride back to the airport your last day (as long as you leave the casino by 2PM.) And that ride is one half hour and can be counted to get you there directly and quickly. You can check out, leave bags with the bellman and play right up until it is time to catch the ride. You do have to register for the free ride when you check in.
                    (I usually use the El Cortez coupon in the ACG guide, but in May I happen to be going on dates when the El Cortez is offering a deal I liked better, so I booked that. I'll use the ACG guide coupon in November.)

                    All matchplay coupons work this way. You put the piece of paper and equal matching cash on some nearly even bet at a table game, maybe a blackjack hand or on the craps pass line.
                    If you win, you get paid double. If it is a $10 matchplay, you get $20 for a $10 cash bet. So if you lose two matchplay bets and win one, you break even. That is a huge advantage for you on that one bet. It is the best bet in all of Vegas except the freeplay.
                    You can gamble off your winnings to see if you hit a streak. For some folks this is a bankroll management tool. They will play only if their the first cash bet gives them a gambling bankroll.
                    Or, if you like moving around from casino to casino, you can just make one bet and move on to another casino. That is the most frugal way to play.
                    If your friends are not familiar with the table games, use the guide to give them the basics on each game. They might want to slice out the Strategy sheets for video poker and blackjack so when they gamble, the odds are less in favor of the casino. Or they might like to slice out the information on full pay video poker games and take time wherever they go to play to try to find the higner paying machines. Even if they just review the 21 most common mistakes in blackjack the guide is valuable.
                    There are lots of deals, but more are on off-strip and downtown casinos, which is why folks develop these geographically organized coupon runs which let them get a tour of the casinos and only make bets in their favor.
                    Food and show coupons are there. Mostly these are 2 for 1.
                    One other thing to be said is because the book's coupons will guide you to casinos out of the main strip drag, almost everyplace that any coupon brings you will have better odds on slots and VP than the huge glitz casinos on the strip.
                    I'm not saying don't walk around and see the big places, but most of us gamble more in the off strip and downtown casinos because the deck is less stacked against us.
                    Some new visitors to Vegas feel as if it is hard to access some of these areas, but if you have rented a car, all you need is directions, or if you don't mind a city bus, I can advise you how to get to them cheaply.
                    Actually, it is the strip that gets clogged up with cars and buses. The parallel roads in Vegas are much less crowded and easier to travel.

                    To some casinos with coupons there are free shuttles.

                    If your friends have $500 for four days, then they might like gambling along with you until their daily bankroll is depleted and then taking off for a coupon run with matchplays and freebies. That can stretch out those days when the bankroll goes away in an hour, but they still want to play something.

                    Finally, the book is also a guide to other casinos around the country.
                    I took 21 days with the intention of playing poker from Biloxi to Tunica all along the Mississippi. I got some coupon deals there too, but I most valued that the casinos were outlined for me and the phone numbers current, so I could call and check prices. since the games were outlined, I could tell which had live poker and which did not. I actually went Biloxi to Lake Charles Louisiana and played in places there and then up the Mississippi into Missouri. Great trip.

                    My advice is that you get the books in your hands, read through what interests you, cut out the coupons you expect to use, organize them in geographic areas, put the identity card in your wallet, and then post a thread here with your plans for Vegas and any questions you might have.
                    I would also tell your friends to sign up here and ask some questions on this board. Free information can save bankrolls, and there are plenty of folks here who will answer questions on every aspect of Vegas.
                    Good luck. Win.
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