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  • Red Rock Buffet Coupon

    Red Rock in Las Vegas is now accepting the ACG Station '2fer' ONLY if it attached to the book. The buffet cashier clips the coupon. There was a flood of counterfeit coupons recently and RR reacted. Other Station casinos have followed this policy but some still accept the coupon only. This policy has been in a state of flux. stanleyjoel

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    Re: Red Rock Station

    I was told by a friend of mine, a local Las Vegas resident, that on 3/28/08 there was a sign at the Red Rock buffet stating that American Casino Guide coupons will not be accepted. There was no qualification of that rule with a statement of 'unless the coupon is attached to the book.'

    I was at the buffet on 3/19/08 and did not see a sign of any kind, nor did I attempt to use an ACG coupon because I had a Las Vegas Advisor coupon that I knew would be accepted.