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  • Pete at Ellis Island

    I was in Las Vegas last weekend and I stopped at Ellis Island on Sunday afternoon.

    Pete was working in the blackjack pit and I went over and spoke to him.

    I brought him a free copy of the Guide and introduced myself as the author.

    We spoke about the casino's coupon acceptance policy and he was very cordial.

    He said that he is concerned about photocopied coupons and that is why he asks that the coupons be removed from the book in front of him.

    I explained that it isn't a requirement for the coupons to be in the book and that it was causing some problems.

    He then went on to say that if it's the first time he sees someone using the coupon he will accept it without the book and ask the customer to bring the book in on any future visit.

    Evidently, the problem, as usual, is with people who have multiple copies of the book and go back over and over again. He just wants to make sure that the coupons aren't counterfeit and it's hard to fault him on that basis since he's letting people know in advance that they should bring the book if they continue to keep comg back in.

    We are looking into some options for the 2009 book to make it more difficult, or impossible, to counterfeit coupons. Hopefully, that would resolve this problem in the future.

    By the way, I played my $10 matchplay and lost. Dealer got a blackjack!

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    Re: Pete at Ellis Island

    Steve, I haven't ordered your book so don't know what the coupons look like. So what is on the back side of these coupons?

    If they are blank, sure it would be easy to copy but if there is printing on the back, how can they be copied to look like the original coupon?

    Maybe just changing the paper type for just the coupon pages would discourage gamblers from copying them.

    That might work once the dealers are aware to only accept coupons on a 'different' type of paper.

    Carrying the book around must be a big pain in the pocket. These are just my thoughts on the subject.


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      Re: Pete at Ellis Island

      We are speaking to the printer about different options.

      Changing to a specalized paper would be good, but it's very expensive.

      We are also looking at special ink options, including a high security ink which can't be copied.

      Unfortunately, any of these choices will cost extra money, but the ink is a cheaper option.


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        Re: Pete at Ellis Island

        Thanks Steve for checking, Sorry you lost your coupon. You should of went on a run with me, That would of been fun. If you charged an extra 50 cents a book, maybe that could help the cost of the new paper, I would mind paying it, you saved me so much already, just an idea. I don't like people counterfeting the coupons, that could mess me up.


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          Opera House Coupon.

          Can you please check with Silver Nugget and see if they are still taking the opera house matchplay. Thanks.


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            Re: Pete at Ellis Island

            Steve, why don't you separate the coupons from the book? Make them more into a 'pocketbook' with perforations. Sort of like a competitor. Something that would be smaller and easier to carry with you than the whole ACG. I hate dragging the whole book with me. With something smaller, I wouldn't mind carrying that along.

            It would be nice then too if there would be a way to purchase a coupon book separate from the main ACG. Maybe make additional purchases of coupon books available after first buying a full ACG. It seems such a waste to buy several complete copies just for the coupons. Shipping costs would be substantially less so you could sell coupon books for less and not give up any profit.


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              Re: Opera House Coupon.

              They stopped taking it.

              We posted that change on the coupo changes page this morning.

              Also, you can only use the Silver Nugget coupon one time. You can't go back and use it again.


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                Re: Pete at Ellis Island

                I don't think changing the ink will make a difference in 'Pete's view. If someone is determined to counterfit the coupon, they can do so with a color laser printer.

                It sounds like Pete's doing whatever he can not to honour the coupons. C'mon. How many people are going to lug that book around to Ellis Island?

                I also don't believe that Pete intends to honour the coupon at all, despite what he says about honouring it the first time and requiring customers to bring the book in the next time.

                Ithink the ACG needs to the owners/senior management about this issue. If the popular book, Entertainment has no problems with their coupons, then ACG shouldnt either. This Pete is just being a @!$%.


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                  Re: Pete at Ellis Island

                  The Entertainment Book does not offer matchplay coupons!


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                    Re: Pete at Ellis Island

                    So, I guess the short of it is that Ellis will take the coupons ... but begrudgingly?

                    Although it's my 14th trip to Vegas (next week), I've never been to Ellis. Really had no reason to head over there. However, I was planning to go this time, thanks to my ACG coupons. Of course, I'd have no reason to go there if they're not going to accept them. Yes, Steve, I'll be happy to endorse the book!

                    Seriously ... I spend nearly all of my time Downtown. The first two nights, I'll use a BOGO for the Golden Gate. The next three nights, I'll be 'upgrading' to the Nugget.