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Longhorn MP redemption problem

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  • Longhorn MP redemption problem


    There was a report on another Vegas forum that the Longhorn casino is refusing to accept the 2009 ACG matchplay coupon unless it is attached to the book.

    Would it be possible for you to speak with your contact at Longhorn and post the outcome here?


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    Re: Longhorn MP redemption problem

    We have emailed our contact at the Longhhorn to look into the situation.

    However, it seems that our contact is no longer with the company.

    We will try to get an answer from someone else at the company to see if there is a problem.


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      Re: Longhorn MP redemption problem

      Evidently, our contact was only on vacation and he is still with the company.

      He was made aware of the situation and he has taken steps to address the problem.

      If anyone has a further problem, it would be best to try and get some particulars to document the situation. Please let us know the time of day, employee name or description, table game where it occurred, etc.

      Chances are that the problem is caused by an employee who is not aware of the correct policy and we will let our contact know about it so he can look into the situation.