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    Hi I was enjoying the dining and entertainment aspects of Sugarhouse casino and once I played I became discriminated against and I do not know if I can sue but I am inquiring. Can you advise me? I have never been treated so unfairly by anyone or anywhere. I am actually feeling sick over this. I played $4k at sugarhouse casino July 2016 along with their $5.00 free play book, and I'm told I WILL NOT receive a bonus book free play like others I know who have played even less then me! The director told me I would be receiving a bonus book in September for my July play. But, I inquired recently and was told I WOULD NOT get offers in September for my July patronage! Now they said I did not play the $5.00 book to their standards and it wiped out my 4k! I lost the 4k after and during the little book so they can not say I did not play with my money and just their free play! This is unfair, discrimination, isnt it? I have a gentleman's BOOKS who played close to $3k and for 3 months received generous books! He played the free play only. I play 4k of my own money and no bonus book! The director said he'd handle this and now he will not. I have a complaint in with Gaming Board. $5.00 and $10.00 free play can not diminish 4k play of my money and take away my bonus book. This is Not equality among patrons, It is highly unfair. Can they do this to people? Can I sue them, discrimination, small claims court etc Thank you in advance and please some one reply.

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    following this thread for answers