We received an email with the following question - I watched your YouTube video on roulette https://youtu.be/NJ0IszgNhiM and had a question. If I were to play a table with a minimum inside bet of $1, and cover the board with say $20-$25, would the increased probability of landing on a number at the 35-1 lower the house edge, or would it still be even with every other bet as the payout is consistent minus my original bet? $25 unique inside bet yields a 65.8% of landing per round which is high, though a low payout of 35-1 over the original bet? I wonder if this is a good strategy for those who enjoy the game and excitement or is equivalent in statistical percentage?

Here's our answer -Your system would not do anything to lower the casino's mathematical advantage. Each bet would still have a 5.26% advantage for the casino, assuming a double-zero wheel, and ignoring the five-number bet.