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Question on $1 & $0.50 Jeopardy Slot Machines

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  • Question on $1 & $0.50 Jeopardy Slot Machines

    We received an email with the following question -I am 70 years old and have been up to about three or four years ago always played the Jeopardy Slot Machines at Harrah's and Borgata in Atlantic City. One weekend back then my wife and I went down for the day to AC and I could not find the Jeopardy three reel $1 or $0.50 slots anywhere in Harrah's. From there we went across the road to Borgata and they also removed all the Jeopardy Slot Machines. Two years ago we went to Las Vegas for our son's wedding and I looked in just about all of the casino's in Vegas and could not find any Jeopardy Slots.
    My question to you and or your staff is why did (IGT I think) remove all the Jeopardy Slot Machines??????
    Thank you so much if you can answer this question that has been bugging me for years.

    Here's our answer -The usual reason that any slot machine is no longer available is that people stop playing that particular machine. I am fairly sure that is why you don't find those Jeopardy machines any more.

    Casino floor space is rather valuable and if machines aren't producing revenue then they are replaced by more popular machines.