I received the following question:

Hey there. Quick question on the Vegas payout %s. I recently moved to the area after visiting numerous times. Never really played other than the strip or downtown. Seeing the %s for NLV and boulder I tried it out. Didn't do so well but I noticed a lot more VP machines at these spots compared to the strip and many more players at those machines compared to slots. Do you think that attributed to the higher %s and not so much as better paying slots?

Here is my answer:

Yes. The local casinos do have a higher percentage of video poker machines which helps to bring the overall payback percentages higher. However, all paybacks would be higher in general because they are catering to a repeat audience of locals. They want you to come back again and again so they take less from you than a Strip casino would because at those casinos they know you are there for a limited time and they want to get money from you more quickly.

You can see a list of gaming machine payback percentages for all Nevada locations , here - http://www.americancasinoguide.com/s...cs.html#Nevada